An African sector-focused private equity fund manager


Based on a Xhosa phrase used to describe the action of ‘helping to carry’, we are a uniquely African private equity fund management firm that focuses on sector-specific investments throughout the sub-Saharan region.

Our mission is simple. We aim to feed and house the people of Africa by moving beyond traditional private equity, challenging the status quo.

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10 years. 2005 - 2015. Press

The Phatisa Carbon Offset Initiative. FAQ

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Development Equity.

DevEq = PAT*x + i2TM

Development Equity (DevEq) = profit after tax (PAT) times a multiple (x) plus impact (i) squared.


The Pan African Housing Fund (PAHF) is a real estate private equity fund focused on affordable housing in East and Southern Africa. Final closed at US$ 41.95 million; current portfolio of 6 investments in 3 countries
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Development Impact.

Our impact documents aim to showcase the work undertaken by Phatisa, which goes beyond the standards of environmental, social and governance we set for our portfolio companies. Through its work, Phatisa has coined a new asset class, ‘Development Equity’, which combines the development finance spirit of the majority of our investors with the principles of commercial private equity investment, demonstrating that the two disciplines can be mutually inclusive.
AAF TAF Report

Development Equity in action.


Phatisa News App.

The African Private Equity (PE) News App powered by Phatisa has been re-launched with a minor facelift to its design, functionality, navigation and overall features to enhance user experience. The App runs on the iOS 10 and Android 7 platforms. Since its initial launch in mid-2014, the uptake has been excellent with over 4,000 people downloading the App.

The App can be easily downloaded, for free, in the relevant app store by using the search term: ‘Phatisa App’. To ensure you have the latest version, look out for a map of Africa with the name ‘PE News’ inside the map.

The IRR calculator and reckoner within the App continue to play a fundamental role for PE students and professionals; therefore, this remains unchanged.

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